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For your convenience, this page has been developed so that some of your more common queries can be answered quickly. If you have a more specific question. Please contact us.
We shall be looking forward to hear from you.

1. How do I create my profile online?
All you have to do is fill in our REGISTRATION FORM and complete all the one steps as accurately as possible and then click the SUBMIT button at the end. Your profile is ready! However, we will need a little time to screen the information given by you and your profile can be viewed by other members of 24 hours after you have registered.
2. Do I have to fill the entire registration form?
YES. (Mark with * Are Compulsory) Looking for the perfect life partner is serious business and the more information you give, the more details can be seen by other members.
3. Is my personal information safe?
Yes. We provide complete anonymity, no one will ever find out who you are, email is sent to other users in anonymous mode on your behalf.
4. Are there any specific DO's and DONT's while creating a profile?
DO's -
1.Well be as detailed as possible while creating your profile. After your profile is activated, be sure to fill in the Partner Profile, Your Hobbies & Interest and also to upload a photograph for better Response. The more information you add the more your chances of finding a partner.
2. Mentioned your contact details email address and your 'Phone No' in Appropriate Field's only.
Dont's -
1. Don't Use your contact details email address and your 'Phone No' In About Your Self and About Your Family Field's.
2. Don't include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist in About Your Self or About Your Family.
5. How do I make changes/edit in my profile?
To edit your profile, Log in to the EDIT PROFILE page and then follow these steps:
a) Under the Home column (on the left hand side of the page),
click on Edit Profile
b) Edit your profile according to the instructions provided and click the Submit button at the end of the form.
Your profile will be edited and updated and made available to all Members Within 48 hrs.
6. How do I contact other members?
You need to be logged in and Follow these steps:

1. On profile that you like, click on 'Contact Now'.
2. 'Tick this box to confirm your interest in Profile.
Click the 'Contact this Profile' button.
An email will be sent to that member telling them of your interest.
3. As a 'Full Member' you can send personal e-mail as you like.

Likewise, when other members like your matrimonial profile they can contact you using same procedure.
7. How do I initiate further contact with a member who accepted me/My accepted Member?
You will need to be a Paid member (FULL MEMBER) if you want to make further contact with a profile. Paid members also get the option of personalizing a message and will be able to attach a mail along with the initial contact itself.
8. How Important is to include a picture?
Picture is the first impression to your viewer and you should not gave them a blank first impression. Adding your picture is one of the most important aspects of your profile, it increases your Response up to 10 times. Most members won't even search your profile without your picture.
9. What is the meaning of Accepting, Declining contact with a member on Matrimonials?
You may Accept or Decline members depending on whether you like the profile of members who contact's you. By accepting members you agree to communicate with them, and by declining members you refuse to communicate with them and our system will also not allow them to send mails to you unless you accept the member again and Vice-Versa
10. Can I decline a member after having accepted him/her?
Yes, you can decline a member accepted by you.
11. Can I accept a member after declining him/her?
Yes, you can accept a member declined by you.
12. Can I send messages to other members free of charge?
No, only you can send initiate contact any other member of free of charge. To send customized messages to other members of you need to be a Full Member of Premium Membership consists of paid services that offer you premium matrimony services and features.
13. Can I send messages to any of the members of Matrimonials?
As a FULL MEMBER (paid member), you can Send Personalize message to member even If member not Decline You or you decline the member, optimize your matrimonial search by having the freedom to initiate contact with personalized messages, send contact details to the persons you have chosen and even initiating messages.
14. Can I send messages and receive messages from members who have a free membership?
Members who have a free subscription to can only contact or reply to messages that they receive from other Paid Members. Premium Members can send a customized message to any member of
15. How can I send messages to other members?
To send messages to other members, all you need to do is follow the following steps:
Login to your Account.
1. Click on the Compose option under "Messaging System" to the left of your screen.
2. Type the Profile ID of the recipient or you can also choose the recipient is available or not by click on 'Check Member'
3. Type your message in the message area provided.
Click the 'Send Message' button. All messages you send are stored in your Sent folder.
16. Can I start sending customized messages to other members directly?
Yes. Before being able to customized messages with another member you can also choose the recipient is available or not by click on 'Check Member' on Compose Page. When member is in list you can start exchanging messages.
17. What is the Inbox folder in the Messaging System?
The Inbox folder stores the messages received by you from other members of To open the Inbox folder and read your messages.
18. How will I know when I receive a message in My Account?
When you receive a message, you are alerted by an e-mail sent to your e-mail address registered with
19. How many messages I can send or receive?
Full members can send or receive unlimited numbers of messages unless member decline you once member declines your response after that you are not able to send further messages.
20. I cannot login to my account it says invalid login?
Make sure your caps lock is not on, if you are logging in after several months it is possible that your account has been removed and re-issued to another member. In that case you may have to re-register yourself. In any case you can always send us a message from help menu.
21. I forget my Account ID or Password or both?
You can retrieve your password by clicking on forgot password. It is very important that you give your e-mail address. If you have forget mentioned e-mail address then lost your profile on, we still can retrieve your user ID and password but you must send us some clues like your phone no, address mentioned in Registration form and it may take days before we can send you your user ID and password.
22. I have registered, but my profile is not available online why?
Once you registered your profile is then sent to our administrative department to make sure that the text you have written in your profile and the picture (if any) you have uploaded to the server meets the ethical standards. Once your profile is approved immediately released for public viewing. Depending on the flow of the traffic this may take from 1 to 24 hours. Same Procedure follows if you modify your profile.
23. What is the Favorites List?
Favorite list is List of your Favorite Member you like, any time you can view favorite member directly from the favorite list without any search option. This option is only available to Full members. Once you add a member to your favorites list the other member gets an automated e-mail saying that some one has added you in his/her favorite list.
24. What is the recommended size of pictures to upload?
Please Upload your photo in .gif and .jpg format having size less than 50 kb so that viewers can easily download your photo how so ever you can upload the photograph but not more than 500Kb.
25. I don't have scanner how can I post my picture?
We will scan your photo, make a digital copy & attach it with your profile Absolute Free. Remember to mention your username & e-mail id on the reverse of your photo and clearly specify the main photo and album photos and Send To our Office See Contact Address.
26. How do I change my Password?
Click on Change Email / Password in Left side of window of your Homepage. Enter your old password and then for the new one and also you have Change Email address also From Here.
27. How many pictures I can include in my profile? members can upload Three picture one is Main Photo and second Third is for album Picture's.
28. How can I change my username?
Usernames cannot be changed after registration. If you really want a new username, you will have to register a new account.
29. How long I can keep my free membership?
You can keep your Free membership as long as you want. You just have to login once in 120 days to keep your membership active.
30. What happens to my premium membership after it expires?
Once your premier membership expires it automatically converts to basic and you lose all the benefits of premium membership. You still keep your identity and profile.

Help Question Available 1 to 30 of 43
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